If you want to get paid to work outdoors this summer, check this out.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has begun looking for new employees to fill some positions in the DNR Wildlife Division. The Department of Natural Resources has 55 openings for summer positions. These positions are great for those looking to work outdoors or that are looking for experience working in wildlife conservation.

These positions are a great opportunity for college students, those looking to re-enter the workforce and seniors or retirees who want to be involved in the outdoors...said Jennifer Schafer, Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division human resources liaison.

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The DNR Wildlife Division is hiring additional, seasonal staff to work at state field offices, customer service centers, and state game areas. Some of the areas that the seasonal staff will be working in include:

  • Assisting with wildlife habitat maintenance and improvement, which may include cutting clearings and adjusting water levels.
  • Mowing, landscaping, and facility maintenance.
  • Handling tasks related to wildlife surveys, nuisance animal control, and equipment operation and maintenance.

If you are interested in doing some work with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, check out all of their job positions available here or calling Jennifer Schafer at 517-284-6163. Currently, they have openings for seasonal park workers, seasonal park rangers, and seasonal wildlife positions.

Personally, I wish I would have known about positions like this when I was younger. The older I get, the more I love camping and being outdoors away from other people. My days of enjoying city life are dwindling quickly.

Source: Michigan DNR

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