Family celebration quickly turned into a real bummer in Marquette County.

A Michigan family was enjoying Memorial Day weekend while fishing on the Dead River.  That's when conservation officer Josh Boudreaux saw a very excited child catching a small walleye according to Mlive,

After congratulating the kid on his catch and explaining what a conservation officer was, the kid excitedly exclaimed, “Mommy and daddy don’t have life jackets.”

The officer laughed off the comment at first.  However, he did inspect their safety equipment to find that neither parent had a life jacket or personal flotation device.

That lead to the parents receiving citations for their lack of safety equipment.  I wonder if this also lead to the parents teaching their little one that in the river is the one place he can tell fish stories.  Is this kid a tattletale or simply a reliable source?

Seriously though, it's important to tell the truth and do what you think is right.  I'm just giving this adorable kid a hard time.  And honestly, the life jacket rules are in place for a reason.  Last year I might have drown up in Baldwin, Michigan had I not been wearing my life jacket.  You can see that full story by clicking here.  Be careful out there Michiganders.

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