Have you ever just been driving to work and not enjoyed the drive-on-in to work?

We've all had those long moments of dreed with a 30 minutes commute, and if you haven't you may not be allowed to complain about a bad commute.

As someone who has spent 40 minutes to work and then another 40 home, I can tell you, there have been moments of dread.

These Michigan Counties Are The Worst For Commuting

If you aren't a big fan of a long commute, then these Michigan communities may not be it for you.

This data below consists of travel time to work, as well as if the residents had to travel outside of the counties for work.

Some of these counties might make sense, but what do you think? Take a look below, and see if your county made the list with the worst commutes.

The Michigan Communities With The Worst Commutes

Do you think that your commute is bad? Yeah, wait till you see these Michigan counties that have it far worse than you do. The U.S. Census Bureau gathered this information. The counties listed below, are based on the average commute time per community.

These Are The Best Public Schools In Michigan Ranked

The ranking below is based on the Niche grading system from Stacker, and the overall scores and grades coming from the schools themselves.

The Michigan Zip Codes With The Most Expensive Homes

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