Michigan is a state that offers so many different things. We're surrounded by the Great Lakes and the landscape is beautiful. Although we have one of the most beautiful states in our nation, there is violence.

Of course every state has violence and crime. Michigan, for the most part, is a pretty peaceful state. According to covesmart.com,

Michigan isn’t in the top 20 most dangerous states in America. In fact, Michigan’s property crime rates are recorded as one of the lowest property crime rates out of all 50 states. However, Michigan is also known for being home to some of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

The population of our state is just over 10 million people. Some of the more populated areas have increased crime rates. Unemployment is a huge factor too when it comes to crime.

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It's not necessarily the biggest cities that have the highest crime rate. Covesmart.com had this to say regarding crime:

Every year, the FBI collects crime data from every state and county. To calculate the crime data, the FBI records the total number of crimes, divides the total crimes by the area’s population, and then multiplies it by 100,000. When the number is multiplied by 100,000, it creates a uniform number that can be compared to other city’s crime rates. Crime data should be recorded as “the number of crimes per 100,000 people.

Let's take a look at the cities in Michigan with the highest crime rates, thus making them the most dangerous cities in Michigan.

15 Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan Based on Crime Rates

These are the Michigan cities that have the highest crime rates. Take a look and see if your city made it onto the list.


If you are relocating within our state this information might be helpful to you. If you traveling to any of these cities I wish you safe travels; don't become a statistic.

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