My first experience at a cider mill was from the one in Dexter.

The Dexter Cider Mill sits along the Huron River and has all the classic looks of what a cider mill should look like: not modern, fancy, not schmancy...but rustic & vintage, which makes it very cool. Yeah, it's been updated over the years, but it has somehow retained that old charm.

Beginning their operations in 1886, the mill has been going strong ever since. Sure, there have been setbacks over the years, but they survived 'em all and are still crankin' out the cider. It's the "oldest, continuously operating cider mill" in Michigan, located at 3685 Central Street in Dexter.

Michigan has many, many other cider mills sprinkled throughout the state. Some are closed, some open seasonally, some all year around. Aside from the Dexter mill, the most popular one in Mid-Michigan is Uncle John's, where families come from all over just to relax and have fun...lots to do there!

An old term for a cider mill is 'cidery', and they do more than just make apple cider. The apples are crushed not just for drinking cider, but for making wines, pectin, juice, etc. The original cider mills relied on a few guys to smush the apples with large wooden pestles. This was followed up with horse-drawn stone mills, and finally, roller mills.

Many of Michigan's cider mills retain the old-fashioned way of making cider, which makes it more enjoyable for visitors and customers. Ain't nuttin' like a fresh glass (NOT plastic) of freshly-squeezed, cold apple cider.

Take a look below at a gallery of many old Michigan cider mills, along with some current ones...and visit!

Michigan Cider Mills


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