A Michigan couple made the most amazing Christmas decorations out of used tires.

You could say that John and Victoria Rose of Alpena, Michigan are "tired" of Christmas.  My apologies for the tire pun, I'll put the brakes on my dad jokes long enough to tell you about this crafty couple in Northern Michigan.

Apparently, traffic has become an issue in front of the Rose home lately.  Victoria Rose recently spoke to The Alpena News about the attention her home has gotten lately,

Every day, someone either stops to ask me if I’ll make them one or to tell me how nice they like them.  There’s always some kind of traffic issue in front of my house.

Click here to check out photos of their very creative Christmas tires.  My personal favorite is the Grinch.

Victoria mentioned that she remembers seeing people create Holiday decor out of old used tires when she grew up in Chicago.  That made me do some digging to find more Christmas tires.  I found lots!  Many of these photos, however, appear to be from tire stores.

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Creating amazing holiday decorations out of old used tires is awesome.  But, how do you find enough tires to do something like the Rose family in Alpena?  Maybe you're creating decorations out of something else.  Have you created some pretty cool DIY Christmas decorations out of unconventional items?  If so, please share your work with us in the comments.  Maybe we'll feature your handy work next.

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