A Michigan business owner wrote an emotional obit for his bowling alley.  However, there maybe hope after all.

Steven Klein wrote what is being called an obituary for his business Vision Lanes in Westland, Michigan.  In the now viral facebook post Klein said,

My business, my livelihood, my invention, my baby that I have nursed from birth, called Vision Lanes is in jeopardy. 😌😌😌  She is barely conscious. She is dying slowly. She is watching her loyal staff and caretakers go find other sources of income because she can’t provide for her family any longer.

Klein posted that on facebook December 6th.  By December 7th Bobbi and Doug Ellison created a GoFundMe to keep this bowling alley open.  On that GoFundMe page they talk about how this is about more than just making a living to Steve and Lisa Klein,

Vision is their livelihood and not just monetarily, Vision and bowling is their life with every ounce of their being.  Their hands are tied and while they are desperately trying to stay afloat and keep Vision alive, it has become next to impossible and with out all of our help, Vision will be just a memory.

The Ellison's go on to say that it's not enough to post on social media that you should support local businesses.  It's the actions that count.  The bowling community heard that message loud and clear.  This GoFundMe has a goal of $25,000.  With 200 donors it has reached nearly $13,000 so far.  It's amazing to see the community come together for this local business.

If you would like to donate to keep Vision Lanes open click here.  If you know of a local business that is struggling during this pandemic and has a gofundme please share the link with us in the comments.


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