If you were planning that once in a lifetime motorcycle trip to Sturgis, South Dakota this year, I have good news - and bad news. The 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is ON! But, there will be some changes this year.

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I know some of my Michigan biker friends were wondering whether or not it would happen, but the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will happen, as scheduled, from August 7 - August 16. According to KOTA-TV, some events have been cancelled.

The parade is not happening and contests, the opening ceremony and the flyover by the Air Force's B-1 bomber are also cancelled. Also, open container alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

Let that last piece of information sink in - open container alcoholic drinks will not be allowed. At an event that typically draws more than 500,000 bikers. (And frankly, everything I've heard about Sturgis from friends points to no more illegal activity than you would normally see from a group of 500,000 people, so...)

Plus, there's this fact:

If COVID-19 numbers suddenly spike at any time before or during the rally, the Sturgis mayor can cancel all events immediately.


And that might raise a few eyebrows if that were to happen, but...

Send pictures if you go.

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