It's back to the beach...

However, as the summers go by, the less interested I am in going to a beach. Did you notice I said 'when the SUMMERS” go by”? My summer beach interest has been lost to time, but I still enjoy going at other times of the year – fall and winter in particular. The fall season brings a crisp blueness to the water & sky as well as the colors in the surrounding trees. The wind may have a chill, but it's pleasant. Best of all, NO CROWDS. Walk the shoreline in leisure and look for unique rocks, fossils, and who-knows-what that washes up on shore.

Winter may bring bone-chilling cold to the lakefront, but when there's a fresh blanket of snow and ice-covered lighthouses to see, THAT'S when I wanna go.

And then comes spring. Along the shores of any of our Great Lakes you're sure to find some unique artifact that has traveled for miles throughout the fall and winter months, floating across the waters until it washes up on the beach, ready for you to discover it. If I have to visit a beach in the summer, I prefer to visit one of our islands...not Mackinac, because the tourists are a-plenty. Nope, I mean ones like Beaver, Round, Bois Blanc, and a handful of many others where there are few – if any – tourists and you can enjoy your own private beach.

Yeah, those are the times I love the beach.

But now, take a look at some of our Michigan beaches during summers past, most of them from the early 1900s, and see how our Michigander ancestors enjoyed 'em!

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