The greatest swimmer in Olympic history is making a comeback and getting back in the pool.

That's right: the great Michael Phelps is making a comeback.

Michael Phelps dazzled the world in Olympic completion. He has nothing to prove to anyone, except himself. This cat is obviously more driven then I ever considered.

Michael Phelps has signed to compete in Mesa, Ariz., next week. This is his first move toward making a comeback toward making the Olympic team for the 2016 games in Rio. Phelps has won 22 medals, 18 of them gold.

He had said the last games in London were going to be it for him. But, being retired, playing a lot of golf, super-enjoying the world and his life must not be enough. Michael Phelps is only 28, and he could be one of the greatest athletes of our lifetimes.

All I can say about Phelps is he's an amazing cat that is of alien status in my books. Earlier in his career he got bored and did some foolish things that were caught on camera. He now is older more mature and I imagine wants to test himself.

He has 18 gold medals, which is crazy. Could he put more of a clinic on in 2016 in Rio? All I know is that a fish can't be out of water too long!