The MHSAA studied and tracked head injuries at its member schools across the 2015-16 seasons in athletics and this week released its findings to the public.

You can read the full 181 page report here.

Some highlights for you if you don't fell like reading the whole thing:

There were a total of 4,452 head injuries reported (at a 99% rate of reporting among schools under the MHSAA's jurisdiction), equating to roughly 6 head injuries per school. With over 280,000 athletes competing (multi sport athletes count for more than one in this number) that equals roughly 1.6% of athletes who suffered a concussion in 2015-16. Boys suffered concussions at about a 2:1 ratio compared to girls.

The top 5 sports for concussions suffered is 11-man football (49/1000 players), Ice Hockey (38/1000), 8-man football (34/1000), Girl's Soccer (30/1000) and Girl's Basketball (29/1000). Interestingly in sports where boys and girls play under similar rules (Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Soccer etc.) female athletes reported significantly more concussions than their male counterparts.

From the MHSAA press release: "Schools report possible concussions online via the MHSAA Website. Reports are then examined by members of the MHSAA staff, who follow up with school administrators as those student-athletes continue to receive care and eventually return to play. Student privacy is protected."

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