Michigan fan site and general scourge on human civility MGoBlog.com has gotten itself into hot water with a tone-deaf tweet comparing Michigan State football to the weekend's tragic events at white nationalist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va.

Around lunchtime Monday, MGoBlog's official Twitter handle published the following post:

The tweet compares the moral victory some white nationalists have claimed in the wake of national attention and publicity called to their cause by the events in Charlottesville to the moral victory MSU's campus newspaper suggested the Spartans took by keeping  arch-rival Michigan from beating them by multiple touchdowns last fall.

MGoBlog's jab did not go unnoticed. Many, both media personalities and regular fans, responded to the tweet to call out its boorishness.

But the starkest criticism came from fans of Michigan and MGoBlog itself.

Thousands descended on Charlottesville over the weekend as multiple white nationalist groups protested the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Demonstrations grew tense as protesters clashed with counter-protesters, culminating in an incident wherein a white nationalist drove his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring dozens.

As of Tuesday morning, MGoBlog had not deleted the tweet. Not that that would matter much--seemingly nothing on the internet can ever truly be deleted, and it's probably safe to assume there are myriad screen captures of the tweet in question.

But deleting social media posts nowadays seems to be a practice that's more about expressing contrition instead of trying to erase the content from memory.

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