When I think about summer, I think about cooking out. I think about steaks, burgers, brats, chicken, fish, veggies and all the amazing food you can grill up outdoors during the summer months. There are a lot of festivals that focus on meat. The main course.

There are plenty of festivals dedicated to all kinds of different themes. Perhaps you want to go to a cheeseburger festival, a sno-cone festival, lavender festival (yeah, they exist), rubber duck festival or something entirely different, odds are you can find a festival that will engage you.

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I love food festivals. It's fun to try new food from different vendors that offer different styles and ethnic tastes. Meat is the one thing I want to try at every festival. It could be chicken gizzards, chicken fingers, cheesesteak sandwiches, corn dogs and the list goes on. I lean towards savory food more than sweet. A good savory meat dish goes a lot further with my belly, sweet dishes are good but not my preference.

I want to hit some festivals before the end of the year so I looked up some different meat festivals in Michigan in 2022. According to google, there are a nice variety to choose from. From bacon and burgers to "green egg" festivals, I am certain that you will find something tasty to satisfy your taste buds at any of these festivals and I need to fill up the tank so I can hit the road to enjoy these events myself. My first experience at a food festival was the Taste of Chicago, 30 years ago. That was amazing and I look forward to exploring new festivals like these, check out the list.

Awesome Meat (and other food) Festivals

7/30 - Michigan's Bacon Festival - Jackson Field, Downtown Lansing

8/6 - LGBC Steetfest 2022 - 115 N. Bridge St., DeWitt MI

8/12 - 8/21 - Cheeseburger In Caseville - 6632  Main St., Caseville MI

8/13 - Magic City Egg Festival - 123 E. State St., Colon MI

8/19 - 8/21 - 76th Annual DeWitt Ox Roast - Downtown DeWitt, MI

9/17 - ChoiceOne Bank Amateur BBQ Cooking Contest 2022 - 189 S. Maple St., Grant MI

9/17 - Motor City Egg Fest - 28115 Meadowbrook Road, Novi MI

9/17 - MI New Favorite Snack - "The biggest snack competition in America" - 512 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron MI

9/24 - Farm to Fork - Block party on W. High St. starting at 5pm.

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