The legacy that Coach Steve Schmidt has built as Mott Community College's basketball coach continues to grow.

Coach Schmidt was named the 2021 Men's Junior College Coach of the Year by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan. What Coach Schmidt has been able to accomplish during his years at MCC is worthy of an ESPN 30 for 30. This year has been full of milestones for the Bears, including Coach Schmidt winning his 750th game.

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Schmidt lead the Bears to 14 wins this season, and won the NJCAA Great Lakes District B Championship. That get them a birth into the NJCAA Division II tournament, but unfortunately the Bears were not able to bring home the championship this year.

I say "this year" because bringing home the hardware is something that we've gotten accustom to with Mott. The Bears have won the National Championship four times under Coach Schmidt. The banners hang at Mott Community College for their championships in '03, '07, '08, and '12.

You can see in the Facebook post above that Schmidt is on top of the mountain when it comes to wins, but his tenure at MCC is about more than just the wins. Schmidt has committed to giving back to Flint, and instills the same mindset in his teams.

I don' know for sure, but I can assume that Coach Schmidt has had more than a few big time job offers over the years. His resume speaks for itself, and there are more than a few schools that would love to have him in charge. Luckily, Coach Schmidt has remained in Flint, and helped his players reach the highest lever at Mott.

Speaking of reaching the highest levels, Coach Schmidt was not the only Bear to get a big award. Mott Guard, Andre Bradford was named to the NJCAA DII All-American team after the season concluded.

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