Max Scherzer had one incredible season with the Washington Nationals. Of course, he was with the Detroit Tigers for many years. He really turned into a great pitcher with Detroit. During his stint with Motown, he was sent down to AAA Toledo to work on his game.

Well, he parlayed hard work into a $250 million contract with the Washington Nationals.

The Detroit Tigers loved Max. He complemented Justin Verlander very well. The proverbial one-two-punch with two great pitchers. But there wasn't enough money to go around for all these pitchers. First, The Tigers sent Doug Fister to Washington, traded for David Price, then let Max Scherzer sign an enormous contract with the Nats.

This is the deal: the Tigers weren't going to give Max that $250 million contract. He and his agent Scott Boros turned downed $147 million during the season. Everyone knew he was gone. But who was going to be the highest bidder? Well, that was the Washoington Nationals. The baseball world thought this was the best team in MLB. But they were wrong. The Nats didn't even make the playoffs and their manager was just fired.

But Max earned his market value contract. He pitched two no-hitters and almost pitched four. This guy was great but will not win the Cy Young Award given to the top pitcher in the league. That award will go to another top-flight pitcher.

Bottom line: Scherzer got his money and threw two no hitters and the Tigers saved a lot of cheese.