Max Scherzer, the Tigers' Cy Young winner from last year. threw his team a curve ball by reportedly turning down a $144 million dollar offer.

This is the business side of pro sports.

Scherzer pitched in college at the University of Missouri where he was a business major. Well, he's turning his major into a priority.

Max and his agent, Scott Boros, are now shutting down any further talks with the Tigers. You know what--I'm not buying that at all. The Tigers know how this works: He has another great season, and like the Beverly Hillbillies..."Jed's a millionaire."

Pro sports is just unreal with the money involved.

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Scherzer is 36-7 in the past two years with the Tigers. He and his agent are going to parlay that into possibly a $200 million dollar contract.

Scherzer loves playing for the Tigers, but business is business. He would go to Seattle if they gave him that kind of coin. Robinson Cano did it. I wouldn't doubt if Detroit lets him sign with another team after this season. They would get a first round draft pick from that team. Plus, he will be turning 30 very soon.

Anyway you slice it Max Scherzer will be a mega-millionaire and his agent Scott Boros will receive 5% of his contract value. Not too bad.