This year is a very big one for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. He was the first pick in the first round and has not lived up to that pick. This year Stafford will be under a microscope. He has thrown for a lot of yards. But, has not gone deep into the playoffs.

The Lions have smelled for so many years this is like a broken record. I like Matt Stafford, I believe fans are mixed with their like and dislike for Stafford. Bottom line, this is his crossroads with the Lions franchise.

They let Suh go to pay Calvin Johnson and Stafford. Matt Stafford has made millions from the Lions organization and he hasn't paid any dividends yet. He played at Georgia, and was a very good player but is he an elite quarterback? My feelings are sometimes he looks very sharp and sometimes he looks like he's confused. The Lions have always have had issues with their offensive line.

If the Lions were ever to make the Super Bowl it would be an incredible feat. I just don't know if Stafford can lead this team to that promise land. So, if Matt Stafford wants to make all of us believer's he has to start this weekend in Minnesota.