Before I go any further, I would like to declare: I LOVE Matt Stafford. In my opinion, he is the best QB to ever play for the Lions... Now, that isn't saying a lot, I know.

The Detroit Lions MAY be rebuilding. They may be reloading. Either way, this trade could work for both teams. You might be saying "THIS IS A TERRIBLE DEAL FOR HOUSTON." Well, Houston makes terrible deals but so do the Lions. Remember Pat Swilling for a first

We know the Houston Texans are a dumpster fire. They traded their best players, fired their coach, GM and are in the process of rebuilding. Their QB Deshaun Watson wants out. Trouble is, he just signed a BIG new deal and will be a Texan until he is traded.

Matt Stafford is about 7 years older than Deshaun but he is from Texas and still has some good years left. Would he accept this trade home? Only he really knows. Due to the age difference, the Lions would have to throw in a player or draft pick, no doubt. This is the Texans so, maybe not?

I would prefer the Lions keep Stafford but his contract is up in 2022. He went to the same high school as the last Bobby Layne. Layne was the last Lions QB to win a championship. It's said, the Lions are cursed because they traded Bobby, he said they wouldn't win a title for another 50 years. It's been over 60.

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