The first known college basketball game featuring both teams wearing masks will tip off tomorrow night. Boston University is facing Holy Cross and Boston University has MANDATED that all of the BU opponents this year must wear masks on the BU CAMPUS. Not just on the court. Are they checking the showers too? Jeez.

Tonight is the first game of the season for both teams. This game is on the campus of Holy Cross so only Boston University will be wearing masks on the court. They play in the Patriot League and all non-conference games were cancelled this year.

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It's a way of getting people to talk about a basketball game NOBODY except player parents will be watching. It'll make the news regardless of the outcome.

Wearing a mask on the court seems like it would suck! My fat ass is wheezing just thinking about running.

I have seen some pretty funny masks lately. The other day, I went to get glasses. The workers all had them on, sort of. Then, I thought, can you imagine wearing that mask for an 8 hour shift? It would suck, yup. But I bet it's still better than a ventilator?

During Christmas, we wore them for about 4 hours and that was my record. My daughter went through about 10 in 4 hours. I wonder how many these players will go through in 2 hours? Can you imagine being the wet mask trainer? Gross.

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