March Madness is now officially here. The play-in games are finished and let the real games begin. The MSU Spartans will take on the Georgia Bulldogs on Friday afternoon.

March Madness is a great time of year in the great USA. People know the weather is changing and spring is around the corner. But the largest factor is everyone filling out their brackets. This is a major factor for all college hoops fans. Who will be in your final four and be this year's National Champion in all of college basketball?

I love this time of the year, just because of all these reasons I listed.

This year the heavy favorite will be the Kentucky Wildcats. This team is coached by the polarizing John Calipari. He is known for putting past universities on probation for NCAA violations. Calipari has won one National Championship in his career. His team is loaded with great NBA-ready players.

The NCAA Tournament is about three weeks long. It brings in mega-millions to the NCAA. That can be a story for later. I really feel the NCAA Basketball Tournament is like Christmas time because it is festive and really super fun for all ages, boys, girls, men and women.

Well, this year's tournament is Kentucky and the field. This should be Katy bar the door.