Johnny Manziel has done away with the money sign, but he has not ruled out signing money.

Sunday afternoon before the Browns were set to play the San Francisco 49ers, Johnny Manziel whipped out the Sharpie and honored an unusual request from a Cleveland fan.

Signing a Benajmin.

Colin Cowherd's groan in that vine says it all.

For a guy who is trying to downplay his party boy past and focus on his NFL career, this move isn't exactly a step in that direction, though he might have won himself a fan or two with this admittedly hilarious stunt.

The owner of the signed bank note, Caleb Leach, spoke to ESPN and said this.

"We've had offers up to $1,000 for it on social media, but we don't know if they're legit," Leach said in a phone interview Tuesday. "We've heard from some auction memorabilia people, too."

$1,000, for a $100 bill.

Johnny Manziel's autograph is right now worth around $900, that's what I get out of all this.

It is important to note, Caleb's friend Kyle Horner was the one who actually reached out to give the bill to Manziel to sign.

Worse case scenario, the autograph is still worth 100 dollars right?