On Saturday, much maligned Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel found himself in the headlines for some ill-advised behavior.

The Forth Worth, Texas Police Department reported that Manziel was involved in an alleged assault situation involving his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. Where this story takes an interesting turn is that the police used a helicopter in an attempt to track down Manziel after the incident.

Crowley, the same woman involved in a road side incident with Manziel during the regular season, said she worried for the well-being of Manziel and that in part prompted police to use a helicopter to try and track someone down.

The Forth Worth Police released in a statement: The department “will deploy all useful personnel or tools available to fully investigate any call,” said Cpl. Tracey Knight, a police spokeswoman. “Especially when there is a concern for the health or safety of a person.”

Manziel's status has a popular sports figure had no bearing on using said helicopter according to police.

If police had to use a chopper and it wasn't because he was famous, there could be something legitimately wrong with the Browns quarterback and that he could pose a threat to himself or others. Maybe Manziel's destructive lifestyle is finally catching up to him.