A man who was using a porta john at a worksite was crushed to his death by a co-worker driving a bulldozer.

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Bulldozer Crushes Man To Death Who Was Using a Porta-John

Talk about a crappy way to die, a 40-year-old construction worker whose job it was to spot the bulldozer to keep it from running into things on the job site, takes a break to use a porta-john and the guy driving the bulldozer turns and crushes the man to his death.

How Did Bulldozer Run Man Over in a Porta-John?

Friday, March 4 just after 5 p.m. a co-worker who was driving the bulldozer up a hill and because his blade was lifted up 3-4 feet off the ground, made a turn and didn't see the porta-john and crushed the man inside who was using it. This happened at the end of the workday while trying to park the dozer for the day. The driver of the dozer immediately stopped after he heard a loud crumble and ran to the porta-john to find his co-worker unresponsive.

Where Did the Bulldozer Run Over a Co-Worker Who Was Using a Porta-John?

According to FOX 17, the accident took place in Florida at the Polk County North Central Landfill. Apparently, this was the first death of any kind to happen at the landfill.

If you have been to a landfill you know there are tons of trucks unloading and driving in and out plus there is a lot of heavy equipment moving around the facility the entire day.

OHSHA is currently investigating the accident.

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