When your talking about greatness, your talking about Earvin "Magic" Johnson. All I can say is the true rivalry in sports was Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson. These two were absolute greatness. It started in the 1979 National Championship game in Salt Lake City. Bird was a transfer at Indiana State where he led them to an undefeated season. Magic, led the MSU Spartans that season to the school's first NCAA Championship beating Larry Bird's team. That's where it all began

Both players came out of college that year. Bird ended up with the Boston Celtics and Magic ended up with the Los Angeles Lakers. This rivalry became one of the most in pro sports history. This was jacked up by competitive intensity. Those two teams just hated each other to the point of no return! Both players had very similar pro careers.

I will always cherish both these cats and how they played the game and led their great teams. In this day in pro sports you will never see an era like that again. Just will probably never happen. Earvin from Lansing and Larry from French Lick found true friendship when they filmed a Converse shoe commercial in French Lick, Indiana. It was Bird's Mother who was the conduit to their friendship. she made the guys eat dinner together. Both these men and their teammates, coaches, owners and fans will always be part of pro sports history.

NBA All-Star Game 2015
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