Madison Bumgarner was named MVP of the 2014 World Series. This cat was one of the most deserving players of that award I have ever seen. The San Francisco Giants have won three world Championships since his arrival when he was 21 years old.

Madison Bumgarner is from a small town in North Carolina. He also is one of the best hitting pitchers in all of MLB. He is the consummate team player. He showed that last night in game seven of the World Series in Kansas City. After pitching a gem two days before in San Fran, Bumgarner was called upon in relief. He pitched a masterful game coming in for teammate Jeremy Affeldt.

The Giants can now be deemed a dynasty. They have built this club to win now, and into the future. It's guys like Madison Bumgarner who have led the charge. This guy is not only a skilled pitcher but he is a" gamer" a competitor. I am saying this cat is a real MLB player, he's a throwback. Bumgarner proved last night that MLB's unwritten pitch count should be reviewed. Starting pitchers have a 100-120 pitch count that their under. He proved on short rest they he could get it done. Bottom line, instead of giving these pitchers $200 million contracts pay them well but let them pitch.

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