The Washington Redskins are finally going to change their team name. The Redskins have been under controversy for many years for keeping the name. The owner Dan Snyder was adamant for years he would not change it, and many Americans were outraged that he just wouldn’t comply and get a new name.

Snyder bought the team from historic owner Jack Kent Cooke. When Cooke owned them he had three Super Bowl winning teams coached by Hall of Fame head Coach Joe Gibbs.

The Washington Redskins were established in Boston in 1932 to 1936. The franchise moved to Washington in 1937. This franchise has had a rich history in the NFL and professional sports.

The Native American controversy has been with Snyder since he bought the team. When people are totally offended, you have to do something to alleviate this situation. This has been like a dark cloud hanging over the owner and franchise for many years.

Some people would say, "it’s his team he can do what he wants." But, in the end, I knew he would cave under all the pressure and scrutiny. So now Dan Snyder and new head coach Ron Riviera are looking for a new name of the NFL franchise formerly known as the Redskins. Do you have any ideas?

The Washington Redskins era has finally come to an end! Finally, this controversy seems like it's over.

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