Hopefully in 2022 Mayor Andy Schor will make it a priority to clean this city up of trash and filth. I have been saying this for a long time. I even had Andy Schor on The Mad Dog Show a while ago and he agreed this city is dirty.

I had gone on a mini rant on my show months ago. So people emailed me and said why don’t you stop complaining and organize a group to clean an area of Lansing. I thought, first of all my wife and I keep our area clean. We don’t litter. Why should I do this? Then, I kicked it around here at work with my co-workers and I agreed to organize a Mad Dog Clean-up day. This is where the problem began.

I knew that different groups had volunteered to clean parks and certain areas in the Lansing area. So I thought this would take place on a Saturday before MSU Football started in August. I knew I could get at least 50-100 volunteers to clean a specific area. Well, this is what happened.

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It took three calls to the Mayor’s office and finally they called me back. They put me in contact with a nice guy but nothing happened. This man will remain nameless too. But it was a cluster you know what! He first told me that I need to supply a truck? I said to him I don’t have access to any trucks to haul trash. Then, we somewhat got on the same page and nothing happened. He said that the city would supply orange trash bags and we would have a designated trash drop off and that was it. I ran out of time with MSU Football approaching because I do the MSU Tailgate shows.

Bottom line, the city likes the idea of its citizens getting volunteers together and cleaning up. They just don’t have a template or any organization in that area. This man I felt sort of blew me off and wasn’t pro-active with the clean-up day. Listen, that was then and this is now.

A word to Andy: this city is a great city and is filthy. Please be advised this is an eyesore. That being said, it can be fixable if the right people are on a committee to keep Lansing clean! If this is a little harsh, sorry, I'm just stating what I and many citizens feel.

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