I was very lucky to have been asked to participate in a benefit softball game. The game took place at Jackson National Park Downtown Lansing last Friday night. The kicker was there were former professional athletes that played in the softball game too.

There was former Heisman Trophy winner and Detroit Lion Billy Sims, Darren McCarty of the Wings who has multiple Stanley Cup rings, former MSU athletes Todd Duckett and Mateen Cleaves, and two former Detroit Tigers Nate Robertson and Armando Galarraga.

It was such a fun event with local celebrities too. The game was seven innings and the team I was on lost, but it was just an honor to have some of these guys as teammates for one night. Also, competing against the other former pro athletes was outstanding.

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This great night was a charitable event and was well planned out. Just playing in that park one more time was spectacular. I love baseball and softball. I've played it most of my life but hadn’t played in a softball game in seven years. This was the first opportunity, and I couldn’t turn it down.

My friend who is the Lansing Lugnut broadcaster Jesse Goldberg Strassler was the person who asked me. I sure am glad he did too. It was a great event and the Lugnuts administrators should be commended for this fun and surreal softball game last Friday night!

(Photos) Feel The Fun And Love From The Legends Celebrity Softball Game

(Photos) Feel The Fun And Love From The Legends Celebrity Softball Game

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