It hasn’t happened in a couple of years, but the crappy sinus infection has hit me once again. I haven’t had one of these tormenting things in a while. No matter how healthy one can be, the dreaded sinus infection can hit you at any time.

Yeah, Covid is a priority these days but the sinus infection just plain sucks. You keep blowing your nose, hacking up stuff, steaming your face, and drilling hot liquids and soups. But the worst is postnasal drip.

That’s when you sleep with a Hall’s in your mouth all night long. It usually takes 7-14 days to eliminate this infection from your body. My doctor swears by aspirin and a boatload of water. That’s it! Always beware of the dreaded sinus infection.

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I also use nose saline cleaner, inhalers, and Flonase. That will get the crud out of your system. Now, what are some other home remedies?

Well, how about hot toddies? The Mad Dog Hot Toddy is this elixir. One huge shot of Yukon Jack, two squeezed lemons, boiling water, and one green tea bag. This is a killer and two will knock you out! But you can use bourbon, whiskey, or any booze of your choice.

Then, there are other home remedies like Vick’s Vapor Rub in your nose or on the bottom of your feet with a sock. Also, you can add garlic to that too.

How about a very hot bath with Epsom Salts? My friend and co-worker Large gave me this idea. It’s called 666 for cold preparation. It relieves the discomfort and distress of colds. I need that one now! So, I’m asking you the masses reading this article to give us some of your home remedies. Keep washing those hands too!

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