To me growing up and going to many games at Tiger stadium was perfect. I attended the last game of the 1984 World Series where the Tigers beat the Padres. My late parents attended the 1968 World Series too.

I will tell you this--I miss Tiger Stadium, formerly Briggs Stadium and Bennett Field. This park was of huge historic memory. But Comerica Park is great too.

I love Comerica Park and have attended many games. This year's Tiger team is right in the middle of the pack in their division. They will be at Comerica more games in the second half of the season. Comerica Park is a great venue to watch baseball. I really enjoy going to other stadiums in other cities. My wife and I attended the Tigers' second game of this season in Miami, which has a great stadium that's located in little Havana. I've gone to a few MLB stadiums in this country. One day I would love to take my wife to many during a season.

One knock on Major League Baseball is the tickets, concessions and merchandise is too expensive. Families cannot afford these prices. That's a crying shame. My radio show is giving a pair of tickets to each Tiger home game. The Ticket Machine made this possible. Listen to the show from 3-6 and you might have a chance to get to Comerica Park.