One thing most men love is their man cave. It's a place where the male can call his own place to hibernate and chill. I always wanted a man cave and now I have one. Some men get so sports-creative it's almost Disney-like. Man caves are full of such cool things. I have tried to make ours like a Hall of Fame.

Many cats all over the country make their man caves around the teams they worship. I really believe you need framed sports jerseys. You need a sweet bar atmosphere.

Man caves are full of great sports stuff. All sports fans in my mind are very passionate and creative. Every basement and den has that sports personal sports touch. With great parties to be had for large sports events.

Now, I want people sounding off on what should go into their man cave. Many guys and ladies get super into making their man caves a special place. The man cave has turned into such a sacred place to chill. Again, we want some ideas to make the man cave the best place to show off in your home. Our man cave will only get better as time goes on. Ours is Hall of Fame combined with a beer garden combined with a casino. Tell us your ideas for a classic man cave.