With all the hectic activity in my life, one thing that is constant my love for my dog Chloe.

I was lucky enough that my stepdaughter Mara Kovac had three dogs. This is a great story. First, our dog Chloe is going to be 12 in July and is greatness. Life is sometimes too serious, but this dog makes getting up in the morning a pleasure. The two other dogs Oliver and Emmie live with my stepson Tony Kovac. They are also two wonderful dogs.

When I was a young guy I had a Brittany spaniel named Britt for 12 years. There has always been a void in my life for another dog. I kicked around for years the idea to get another one. So, things change when my lovely wife Carole comes into my life. With Carole came our dog Chloe. This dog can do everything but talk. She is very loyal and smart.

All I can tell people is get a pet. Your life will only change for the better. Chloe has such a great personality. She is funny, loyal, and just a pleasure to have in our household--or should I say her household.

In closing, get you or your family a pet. I will always be grateful for Chloe coming into my life.