Next Friday the 13th I will be doing my last Mad Dog Show. It will take place at One North Kitchen and Bar. This will be in the neighborhood of over 2,500 live shows, sports shows and tailgates I have done during my radio career.

I started in 1996, and the first sports show was done at the former Barley’s Bar. We probably did at least 30 shows there. My friend Eddie Hall owned it. I did so many shows all over the Mid-Michigan area, sometimes alone and other times with a partner if I had one at the time.

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I am going to try and list all the venues I’ve done. So, let’s start it up. Here we go.

  • Barley’s
  • Jimmy’s Pub
  • Reno’s Bars
  • Mijo’s Diner
  • Franks Press Box
  • Leo’s Lodge
  • Various cell phone places
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dublin Square
  • Harrison Roadhouse
  • Nuthouse
  • Meijer Stores
  • Corey’s, Piazzano’s
  • All-State Cellular (Jimmy and Don)
  • Various McDonald’s
  • Spartan Hall of Fame
  • Arcadia Smokehouse
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Harpers
  • BW3
  • Rookies
  • Art’s Pub
  • One North Kitchen
  • Steakhouse Philly
  • Eastside Fish Fry

And so many more I can’t remember. This has been really a surreal situation with all these live shows. I can’t thank all of these owners and merchants enough for letting me do all of these shows. This will be a wrap after next Friday’s last show. Please mark this on your calendar. One North Kitchen and Bar next Friday the 13th. Thank you.

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