I won’t forget yesterday as long as I live. I was home for lunch with my wife Carole. We were relaxed sitting in the family room of the home we’re renting. All of the sudden, my wife jumps out of her chair and says, "oh my God.”

She flies out the house. I get up and look out the front door and to my disbelief one dog was attacking our neighbor across the street's sweet dog. Our neighbor has a large rescue dog that she always has on a leash when she walks her nice docile dog named Duke. The other dog was the aggressor.

This dog I guess lived a few houses down from us. But I never saw that dog ever. So now both these dogs are locked up at each other’s jaws. It was just a horrible sight. The girl that lives across the street was trying to get her dog away from the intense fight. She was very upset, and she should have been. The lady that owned the aggressive dog that attacked our across the street neighbor’s dog finally got her dog pried away from the nice larger dog. I have never seen this woman who lives down the street. She ended up laying on top of her dog so it couldn’t do any more harm. The woman who owned the aggressive dog was bitten badly by her own dog. It was just a shocking scene.

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My wife had gone outside to help in any way she could. I called 911 and LPD, Animal Control and an EMT came. Thus, the aggressive dog was taken away, the owner that was bitten had gone to the hospital and our neighbor across the street took her badly bitten dog to the vet to get stitched up. It was just a terrible scene to witness. It could have been a lot worst too.

The bottom line is this: if you own a pet that has bitten people or other animals, this pet should be taken care of. This neighbor endangered our entire block without my wife and I even knowing. This woman put a lot of people in harm’s way. This is unacceptable and very disrespectful. Please always take care of your pets and don’t let them harm anyone. It was a lunch hour I will never forget!

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