On Monday's episode of the Mad Dog Show, the eighth commissioner of Major League Baseball, Fay Vincent spoke about the future of sports gambling.

Vincent explained that due to a pending Supreme Court ruling, legalized nationwide sports betting could begin as early as this spring.

The case in question, Murphy v. NCAA, involves New Jersey laws passed to repeal the state's own bans on sports gambling.

A 1992 law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) effectually prevented New Jersey from doing so.

Lower court decisions ruled against New Jersey, which claimed PASPA violated the Tenth Amendment.

The Supreme Court heard arguments in December, 2017.

Among the effects Vincent outlined while on the show, the enormous monetary gains from a previously elicit industry could have a major impact if the court was to rule in New Jersey's favor.

In September last year, Forbes magazine contributor and Mad Dog Show guest, Darren Heitner wrote sports betting could evolve into an $6.03 billion annual industry by 2023.

Listen to the Mad Dog's take above to find out his opinion of this potential behemoth.

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