After deciding to come back for an encore performance during his sophomore season, Michigan State forward Miles Bridges declared for the NBA draft on Wednesday.

When Bridges announced last season that he would return to East Lansing, Spartan fans largely felt a Final Four appearance was imminent.

Instead, Bridges and the team fell two points short against Syracuse in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Spartan nation's disappointment was not lost in the wake of the unexpected defeat. Many pondered whether or not Bridge's time at Michigan State was incomplete.

Meanwhile, Bridges' announcement comes with little shock as for the second straight year, Bridges is projected to go within the top 15 draft picks.

The Mad Dog has consistently believed in Bridges' potential as a Spartan to take this team to new heights.

Watch Wednesday's episode of the "Mad Dog Mantra" above to find out how he feels about Bridges going pro.

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