Today is a very special day for me -- my second year anniversary. My wife Carole is a very special lady. She owns Mijo's Diner with my step-son Tony Kovac. Both are very hard-working people. My step daughter Mara Kovac lives in New York City. She works very hard for Move Plan.

It was just Father's Day on Sunday. My father Ed DeMarco died at home on July 3,1993.  So I have been reflecting a lot lately on my past and present.

I had a great childhood. Many cool things were in my life.The 70's and 80's were absolutely great. Younger people today just don't understand some of the cool things that used to be around.

I am a very lucky man to have had two great parents and now two great in-laws Gladys and Henry Dreps. I will always appreciate the work ethic and memories they gave me. Now, as I celebrate two years of marriage, I still am a very lucky man. But I will never forget my youth--great friends and relatives, my choice of sports to play, fish, hunt and golf with my dad. Those memories will always linger.

Now as I enter my 60's life will continue to be great. Thanks, Carole, for coming into my life.