Last night the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA College Basketball Championship in Nola. But to be brutally honest, I really don’t care that they won.

It has nothing to do with MSU or UM not winning either. Kansas and North Carolina have been under the roof of deceit and dishonesty in college athletics for the past several years.

The former head coach of Carolina for years was under suspicion for academic fraud. That investigation dragged on for years. Then, the NCAA said they couldn't find anything wrong at all. That was a farce.

Then the Kansas Jayhawks have really been under fire with scandalous activities. This is under the umbrella of their head coach and Hall of Famer Bill Self at Kansas. I could go on and on about this cat and his tenure in college hoop. It’s not worth it.

Both these schools are squeaky clean in the eyes of Mark Emmert, the president of the NCAA. This moron called the Kansas Jayhawks the “Kansas City Jayhawks” last night presenting the NCAA Championship Trophy.

It sometimes feels like the NCAA just cares about big time money and that’s it! They don’t stand for anything but the almighty dollar. It’s run by a guy that doesn’t even know how to pronounce the Tournament Champs.

So I really don’t give a hoot who won the NCAA Crown last night. College athletics is in trouble in the future, just ask “Kansas City” Mark Emmert!

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