I know the first thing I'd be worried about if I needed to sell a home is having all those people tour my home.

It just isn't safe right now and there's so much uncertainty about the coronavirus. Thankfully, Brock Fletcher and The SELLING Team with Keller Williams Realty are masters at marketing, both before the pandemic hit and right now. They have investors lined up to tour your home virtually and potentially make a cash offer.

Moreover, Brock's a real estate investor, too, so he has two special approaches: 1) he can make you an immediate cash offer, or 2) he can help you set a target price and deadline, and if he doesn't sell your home within those parameters, he'll buy it himself.

Brock's just the kind of guy who always finds solutions for real estate challenges, and he's not about to stop now. He takes the drama out of selling homes, and if there is drama, he'll let you out of your contract, free and clear.

You've probably heard me talk about the nightmare my wife and I had trying to sell our condo with a different real estate agent shortly after we got married. Nine months and open house after open house — and it still wasn't sold. Never again! And definitely not in this environment.

If you're thinking about listing your home, give my buddy Brock a call at 517-853-6408 or check them out at KWSELLINGTeam.com. On average, Brock helps a family sell or buy a home every 30 hours! He's the only agent I would call if I needed to sell my home.