Even though there is no more MSU Football and High School Football.  There are still plenty of sports going on that will air on the Lansing Sports Network this week.

High school basketball returns this week and that means the return of High School Rewind this coming Saturday from 10a-11a on WVFN.  It's the weekly show recapping the week that was in high school basketball.

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Also, MSU Hockey is off this week.  So more room for Red Wings and Pistons on the schedule.

Here is the sports schedule for this week:

TUESDAY:  MSU Men's Basketball - 5:30p pregame - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.

WEDNESDAY:  Tom Izzo Show - 7-8p - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.  Red Wings Hockey - 7:15p pregame - WVFN.

THURSDAY:  MSU Women's Basketball - 6:45p pregame - WJIM-AM.  Red Wings Hockey - 6:45p pregame - WVFN.

FRIDAY:  H.S. Basketball - 7:00p - WVFN.

SATURDAY:  High School Rewind - 10a-11a - WVFN.  Pistons Basketball - 6:35p pregame - WVFN.  Red Wings Hockey - 6:45p pregame - WJIM-AM.

SUNDAY:  Nachos & Kneecaps - 11a-12p - WVFN/WMMQ.  Lions Football - 12:00p - WVFN/WMMQ.  MSU Women's Basketball - 1:45p pregame - WJIM-AM.  NFL Sunday Night Football - 7:30p pregame - WVFN.

MONDAY:  Tom Izzo Show - 7-8p - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.  NFL Monday Night Football - 7:30p pregame - WVFN.

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