One thing that hardly exists any longer is loyalty. I am telling you not just in the sports world but in the real world. In the sports world through free agency cats are jumping to different teams like checkers. In the college world if something goes a little wrong, or the athlete doesn't get enough playing time they change schools.

As I get older I find more people do what they want and disregard loyalty. This exists with family and in the work place. Also, as I get older loyalty means more to me then sometimes a paycheck. It puzzles me how people just will do anything to get ahead. In the long run most people will get cut at the knees. It might take a while but it's inevitable it always happens.

In the sports world all these pro athletes are friends. You don't see the intense rivalries as you used to. Like, Ali and Frazier and "Magic" and Bird. It is really a shame. With family and in the work place that's another story. Family to me is everything. After losing my parents and being an only child it was very hard on me. But, I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful lady in my wife Carole. I really stand by this loyalty thing, as I get older it's everything. When you sell out for whatever reason it's almost laughable. Loyalty is everything.