Just when you think he's gone forever, he's back.

That would be Barry Bonds, son of the late Bobby Bonds.

Barry Bonds could be one of the most polarizing sports icons of the past 50 years. He returned from baseball exile this week when he started a stint as a special hitting guru with the San Francisco Giants in spring training.

Barry Bonds is now 49 years old and was out of the baseball picture while fighting obstruction-of-justice charges. This was from his irrational testimony during his grand jury trial about his PED use in 2003. He received house arrest and two years probation.

Barry Bonds has only himself to blame for all his problems. One of his former girlfriends wrote a book detailing how he allegedly dominated her life. Major League Baseball turned its back on him. Why? Because of his narcissism, deceit, ego, and blatant disrespect for everything and almost everyone.

People can change when facing the prospect of prison. Bonds has always carried himself with a chip on his shoulder. Nobody will ever understand why except him.

Barry Bonds and baseball are reunited, and I believe that's a good thing. He can help younger and older ballplayers. Now his chances of getting to Cooperstown are a little less dim.

But they're still pretty dark.