We've talked about sports coming back a lot.  We've talked about what sports will look like in the new era.  We've talked a lot about college sports and whether or not sporting events can be held if no students are on campus.  And we've talked a lot about whether or not fans will be at the games.

Some precedents have already been set.  Notre Dame hasn't exactly said that football will be played but they have said that students will return in late Summer but will go home after Thanksgiving and attend class remotely after that until further notice.  Some believe this is so they can, in good conscience, play football.  After all, they have that huge contract with NBC and it will prevent confessionals from becoming overwhelmed.

Well, a glimmer of light has been shed on Michigan football.  Michigan football's freshman class has been told to report to campus on June 15th.  The rest of the team can return voluntarily and everyone including coaches, staff and other related personnel will be tested for Covid-19.

So what about us fans?  And even more concerning to me, what about season ticket holders?  Here's why.  There is talk that a limited number of fans will be allowed to attend games in accordance with state and federal guidelines.  So how are they going to decide who gets seats at The Big House?

If you ask me, I say start with season ticket holders.  My son Ryan, who's a Michigan grad, has season tickets which means I have season tickets.  I don't think I'm out of line to suggest that this is the fairest way to solve the problem.  Ya know, unless they do a season ticket holder lottery and we don't get picked.  Then it's an outrage!!!

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