If you're looking for a job, perhaps consider becoming a registered high school sports referee!

According to MLive, the state of Michigan is currently experiencing an extreme shortage of registered Michigan High School Athletic Association officials. The number of registered officials has dropped by about 2,400 people over the last decade. One reason for that drop is the economy.

When the economy is good, people don't have as much time or have as much of a need for the extra income, so you have less people wearing white and black jerseys. Another reason is the lack of sportsmanship coming from spectators. And while the MHSAA can't do anything about the economy, they are looking for fixes to the unsportsmanlike behavior.

Despite some issues though, becoming a referee can be a nice change of pace for a high school student with a part time job. Mark Bauer, the president of the Midland Athletic Officials Association, says that while you won't get rich off being a ref, "what you make on a Friday of basketball is what you make working all day Saturday at McDonald's." To find out more about how to become a registered official, click here.

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