You know that one super annoying coworker you're occasionally forced to spend time with and sometimes are situated uncomfortably close to?

Imagine that but to the millionth power and you've got the backstory to Mark Dantonio's pained expression in this picture:

The photo is from Friday's celebration for Detroit's Cass Tech and Martin Luther King Jr. high schools, both of whom won state championships this year. Dantonio is on the left, wearing the trying-not-to-puke face, with MLK head coach Tyrone Spencer to his right and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh next.

You'll notice Harbaugh has a wide you-know-what eating grin upon his countenance. It's almost like he knows his mere presence a yard away is making Dantonio miserable.

Dantonio probably dreads every situation that calls for him to endure Harbaugh and his personality disorder, but this one had to be especially bad since Michigan State had just lost out on MLK cornerback Ambry Thomas.

To Michigan, of course.

Thomas, a four-star recruit, is rated among the best of the 2017 class according to recruiting services. Dantonio and Co. had been pursuing him for a while.

That alone would make putting up with Harbaugh bad enough for Dantonio. And that doesn't even take into account the khakis, booger eating, infant-like obsession with milk or his latest foray into bardship.

There's also the result of that game back on Oct. 29, not to mention the corresponding seasons.