Bob Quinn has fired long time executives and cut starters from the last handful of seasons already in his brief time as Detroit Lions General Manager. Now the Lions President Rod Wood says there could be more changes coming in the 2016 offseason, this time to the uniforms.

Wood, while speaking on WMGC in Detroit, said there is a chance the Lions could be changing their color scheme for 2017. The Lions have worn Honolulu Blue and Silver for the entirety of their existence as the Lions going back to 1934. Their colors were Honolulu Blue and Silver even in their time as the Portsmouth Spartans, dating from 1930 to 1934.

During the interview with WMGC Wood said: "We probably will be announcing, along with the rest of the league, a uniform that's a third version of a uniform that will be used either in a Thursday night game or Thanksgiving," Wood said. "But it will not be a throwback uniform."

Wood could potentially be talking about a Color Rush uniform for the team. An all blue or silver look could be coming this season as the NFL has announced all 32 NFL teams will have Color Rush uniforms unveiled for 2016.

From a Detroit Free Press report: "I do want to look at our entire uniform color scheme and look, and that's something that's also on the table, maybe for an update of the regular uniform for 2017."

As this offseason has been very active already, you can almost certainly guarantee if it's being talked about, it is going to get done.