The NFL kicks off tonight, and as always, the Detroit Lions are not expected to do anything great.

NFL football returns tonight with the Houston Texans taking on the Kansas City Chiefs.  And an annual survey found close to one in seven Americans plan to GAMBLE on at least one NFL game this year.

13% of us will put money down on NFL football this year.  That's a slight drop from last year when it was 15%.

Half of those people will place casual bets with friends. And a third will place a bet through legal OR illegal gambling sites.

One in four gamblers will do fantasy football, or games like "Super Bowl squares." One in five will place a bet with a casino or sportsbook.  And 18% will use a bookie.

The survey also asked gamblers which TEAM they'd bet on to win the Super Bowl this year. The Lions aren't among the favorites.

13% said the Chiefs, who won it last season. And the Cowboys are next at 9%.

Third place is a six-way tie: The Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, Patriots, Saints, and 49ers all got 5% of the vote. has the Detroit Lions at 70-1 to win the Super Bowl, which means if you plunk 100 bucks on the Lions to win it all, it would pay back $7,000.

The Lions, are however, three point favorites in their home opener Sunday at Ford Field over the Chicago Bears.

There are seven teams with worse odds than the Lions -- The Giants, the Jets, Miami, Carolina, Cincinnati, Washington and Jacksonville.

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