We're taught the pre-season means nothing in the great, grand scheme of things, but it would have been nice if the Detroit Lions had at least made an effort to look less crappy Thursday night.

Detroit Free Press writer Dave Birkett called the Lions effort "ugly in every way" as the Pussycats stumbled their way to a 31-3 loss to the defending NFL champion New England Patriots at Ford Field.

The starting offensive line looked pathetic, the defense looked full of holes, and the team overall looked unprepared as they started off their pre-season schedule.

So here are some sad photos of suffering Lions to accentuate the loss.

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The bumbling Lions were booed off their home field at half time by fans sick of losing. If there was anyone left in the stands at the end, I would have to assume they were either being punished or had to pick up their son after the game to take him for ice cream.

Not that they deserved ice cream.

Sure, it's fair to point out that many big name players such as quarterback Matthew Stafford took the night off, but depth at every position is what wins in the long, grueling NFL season, and the Lions apparently have no help past the starting lineup.

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I guess it's better to prepare for the worst than imagine things will be any different this year at Ford Field.

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