The NFL Draft is coming up on Thursday and continues through Saturday and since the draft is done remotely, the Detroit Lions are going all out at their general manager's house. What I mean by that is that the Detroit Lions' general manager Bob Quinn will have to do all three days of the draft at his house, and since you can't be disconnected during the weekend, he is going to have the team's Director of IT stationed in his driveway.

Don't worry, though. The Lions' director of IT, who's name is Steve Lancaster, won't be living in the Winnebago as he will go home each night and has done so all week. Lancaster will mostly be there to make sure that Bob Quinn can stay connected to all of the team's scouts as well as head coach Matt Patricia and others but also Quinn will have two laptops as well as two cell phones and a larger draft phone.

This actually might seem like the best idea they have had in a while since you want to make sure you are connected with everyone and also due to the fact the draft goes on for at least 5 hours each day. Most teams are doing the same thing as the Lions but the Lions are the only one, according to ESPN, that are having their IT head stationed at the GM's house. There have also been a few connection problems during a "dry run" of the draft on Monday so hopefully there won't be too many issues on Thursday as a ten minute time limit is on teams on Thursday.

Cross your fingers. Hope, or pray, the Lions don't have any issues and that they pick someone good. The NFL draft starts on Thursday and the schedule goes like this: Thursday, April 23: Round 1 (8 PM) Friday, April 24: Rounds 2-3 (7 PM) Saturday, April 25: Rounds 4-7 (12 PM)

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