The Lions are 1-7, the offensive coordinator that started the year is gone, Stafford gets knocked down every other play it seems like, and the ownership has been the same through every single trying year of failure.

If you're a Lions fan, you've probably drank once or twice due to a myriad of any of those little factoids that surround the franchise. The owner is five years older than the franchise, the team has one playoff win in the Super Bowl era.

I'm sorry, I'm making it worse.

But now there is a quantifiable number to how much Detroit Fans drink to their team (more for forgetting than celebrating, but I digress). A study from BACTrack, a company that offers a mobile app that can perform breathalyzers from your smartphone, has been released showing the alcohol consumption patterns of NFL fans across the country.

Lions fans rank as the 2nd highest in terms of average BAC (blood-alcohol content) at .069% (tied with Philadelphia Eagles fans).

"In this report, we examine average BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) levels of NFL fans by team affiliation, and for Sunday games from pre-season through Sunday, October 26th," BACtrack wrote. "We used Twitter's map of NFL fan allegiance in order to associate BAC results with NFL teams across the country."

The top 5 drunkest fanbases in the NFL are: Buffalo (.076%), Detroit and Philadelphia (.069%), Cleveland (.064%) and Arizona (.062%).

With a schedule that has Green Bay twice and Oakland in the next four games coming up, it might not get better for the Lions.